Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

We spent our Valentine's Day weekend doing a one nighter in the San Gorgoino wilderness. 


David and I had a wonderful day and enjoyed seeing our favorite lush, wildflower filled Meadow asleep for the winter... It was a peaceful & quiet place. No bees a buzzing. This past summer I had photographed a little monkey flower that was nestled under a log in the creek... All that remained was a dormant stem and crumpled leaves.

We set up camp for the evening and cozied up in our new two person sleeping quilt, positioned on our new folding sleeping mats. 

Let the tossing and turning begin... 

Setting up our tent on what seemed to be the only flat ground in the area, I unknowingly made one mistake that sealed the fate of the night... I positioned the tent so that our sleeping arrangement had us on the teeeeeeeeniest downhill slope... In a lateral way! 

Every five minutes we would wake up from sliding downhill and off our mats... Throughout the night, we would have to scoot up into the highest corner and push our mats backtogether. Although our mats are great at insulating us from the frozen ground, the second an inch of your body slides off it is icicle city baby! Don't get me wrong, I love our new quilt but what we failed to realize that with the underside open, there is no blanket between our torso and the sleeping mats, which would be fine if you could stay on them!

Let the records show that despite our lack of a restful night, we both greeted the day fresh and full of joy as sleeping in the woods feels as if we are home.  

Now how to make our tent feel like home? David and I had it on our list to find a laundry bag, now we needed to add a sheet of some sort and a way to hold our mats together while sleeping... 

Behold! The very first "Cozy sheet, mattress cover & laundry bag all-in-one thingy" (still working on a catchy name) 


We can simply slip our mats into the partitioned pockets on the inside & it has a pocket for clean and pocket for dirty clothes on the outside. The clothing will add extra insulation and cushion throughout the night. The top sheet made cozy with a thin piece of flannel is complete with cute little woodland critters!  

Adding only 1lb to my pack weight, this three purpose item should be worth it's weight in gold... Together, with our slightly over 2lb two sleeping quilt... 3lbs is still pretty decent for two people!

Next time we hit the trail we will have our new "bed" to look forward to and I am sure we will have a much cozier and comfortable nights sleep!